Micro Landing Pages Turn Traffic Into Money

A micro landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a product or business action or result. 

Log on into your mobile and you will find some links to open multiple designs. You can experience in live.

Micro websites can use in many ways like business information, products showcase or any events.

By sending traffic there, we’re making visitors business or product-aware. Plus, it’s littered with information about our value proposition. And THAT will move them into the most-aware stage. It’s the ultimate landing page

Digital Business Visiting Cards

You can add your business logo & details, phone numbers, message links email links and all multiple links at one place.

Mini Ecommerce Websites

Mini websites can promote your products and sell online in a little budget. We can create your payment gatway.

Mini Business Cattalauges

Create offers that are difficult to refuse, launch promotions and motivate the audience to leave requests and place orders.

Birthday Events

We can make attractive birthday invitation cards thrugh this mini websites, share that links to your friends & relatives with google maps.

Business Meeting Events

IInvite your business clients & delegates through this micro websites & you can give all the event information about your business meetings.

E-Wedding Invitations

E-wedding sites look awesome to invite your guests. You can insert wedding teasers & teaser photos. We make e-wedding card attractive & you can share links through messages and social media. 

We take bulk orders for digital business cards for businesses for spacial price.

Share business information to clients ease with micro landing pages

A digital business card more than a business card. these features have been designed to help you build quality business connections and improve sales efficiency.

To see demo in mobile landing page https://www.microsites.link/jetsearch

Add multiple links in digital cards instead of just one

Using digital visiting card, you can place any number of links to pages of your products and services, special offers, instant messengers for communication in one click, accounts in social networks and more.

Online messaging

Allow your clients to connect with you with one click

Online messaging is the most convenient, modern and common method of communication.

Create smart links to online messaging apps that allow you to start conversations with clients with one click, and get more hits and requests from followers.

Get started with digital visiting card

Mini websites can promote your products and sell online in a little budget.

Simple Micro Site

Business Sites, Event Sites
Unlimited Clicks
2 Years Hosting Free
After 2 Years Only Rs. 200 Per Year

Pro Micro Site

Ecommerce Micro Site With 15 Products Display
Unlimited Clicks
2 Years Hosting Free
Products Display 15
After 2 Years Only Rs. 300 Per Year

We offer for designers & multi media designing agencies to buy this tool and earn profit multiple folds.

Startup entrepreneurs & small business people are interested in this business with a little investment. We provide the know-how to create micro landing pages. Nothing involves big technology, it needs just computer knowledge. This offer limited time only.
Ravinder Ramini

CMD, Isha Info.

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